Increase Closet Space With These Tips

Whether living in a small, one bedroom apartment or a five bedroom home, chances are you wish you had more closet space. While renovating for more closet space likely isn’t an option, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tricks available for you to take advantage of. At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, we want you to take full advantage of your living space, so do so with these different closet space saving tips within your Pismo Beach, CA home. 

Ditch What You Don’t Need

This is step one in clearing out your closet and increasing space. You probably have all sorts of items i your closet you no longer need. It is time to sift through the closet and streamline everything. Look at the clothing you have hanging up. Think about the last time you wore it. If you can’t remember, it means you don’t wear it enough to actually warrant saving it. Donate the clothing or sell it to a second-hand store. 

Take Advantage of the Door

The door is an area of your closet you need to take advantage of . Pick up a shelving unit for the door and it instantly increases your closet space. This includes shoe racks to hangers and hooks. You can decide what you need to place on the door, but whatever it is, you’ll substantially increase your closet space. 

Use the Corners

The corners of a closet are often lost and wasted space. Instead, use a corner shelving unit for this. Plenty of smaller items can go right here without trouble. So, if you have smaller jewelry boxes or items you want easy access to, make sure to grab a corner shelving unit. It will make your closet storage life much easier.