Changing Weather Patterns and Flooding

The past twenty years have seen a huge influx of flooding and mudslides on the Californian coastline. Weather patterns have been shifting to more and more big storms, which has made flooding a possibility every storm season. 

In 2014, the entire coast was hit with one of the worst storms in centuries, causing massive damage to many cities. November 2017 had another terrible storm, causing millions of dollars in damage and nearly wiping out a few cities.

This is not something that will be changing anytime soon. This means that it is important to protect your Pismo Beach, CA home. Storms are forecasted fairly well in advanced, but flash flooding and mudslides are much harder to predict, so investing in emergency supplies is a good idea just in case. Things like flashlights, inflatable rafts, solar-powered weather radios and other equipment can save your life.

But the most important thing you can do to prepare for a flood is to invest in flood insurance. Flood insurance covers your home in ways that most homeowner’s insurance plans do not. Having this kind of coverage will help you get through the natural disaster, buy giving you a way to rebuild and repair without having to go into debt to do so.

Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc would like to help you prepare for flooding by providing you with flood insurance coverage. We have years of experience helping our customers choose the right coverage and help them understand what each coverage is for. We serve the Pismo Beach, CA area.

Contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc today and let us get you started on your path to flood insurance. 

Can Renters Buy Flood Insurance?

There are many misconceptions out there about renters and flood insurance. At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, serving the greater Pismo Beach, CA area, we want to help debunk these misconceptions. Here are three common misconceptions about flood insurance and renters and the truth surrounding these misconceptions. 

Renters Cannot Buy Flood Insurance

One of the biggest misconceptions in regards to flood insurance and renters is a renter ability to buy flood insurance. Many renters do not think that they can buy flood insurance. They think that this is something that only homeowners can buy to help protect their dwelling from a flood. But this is not true. Renters can buy flood insurance to help cover their belongings in the event that a flood occurs. 

Renters Are Covered By Homeowners Flood Insurance

Another common misconception in regards to flood insurance and renters is that many renters think that they are covered by a homeowners insurance policy. If the owner of the home carries flood insurance, their policy will not cover your belongings or cover the cost of housing you if you are displaced. You must purchase your own policy in order to be covered. 

Renters Insurance Covers Floods

The last misconception that is common in regards to flooding and renters is that renters insurance covers flooding. The majority of renters insurance policies do not cover most types of floods in a home. You must purchase a supplement flood policy in order to be covered from flooding as a renter. 

If you are renting a home and do not have a separate flood insurance policy, now is the perfect time to obtain one. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, serving the greater Pismo Beach, CA can help you obtain the insurance you need. Call us now for a quote.