What Impacts the Flood Insurance Premium on a Policy

Many living in the Pismo Beach, CA area need flood insurance. If you are someone looking to shop for flood insurance, you need to get a sense of what factors will have an impact on the premium. The premium is the price you will pay for the flood insurance policy. The Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. team is in a position to help educate and get you set up for success in your search for flood insurance.

Factors Impacting Flood Insurance in California

There are a variety of factors that have an impact on the flood insurance premium you will pay. The flood insurance premium will be impacted by the type of coverage you purchase and the deductible on the policy.  

Other factors that will impact flood insurance include the flood risk of your property, e.g., whether you are in a flood zone and the location of your structure. The design and age of your structure could also impact flood insurance overall.  


The cost of flood insurance will vary quite a bit when you take into account the coverage you purchase, the property’s location, flood risk, design, as well as the age of the structure. When you factor in all these things, you can understand why one property will be more expensive for flood insurance than others. The Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc team is in a position to help you be as educated as possible as you shop for flood insurance.

Will my condo insurance pay for the repair of the pipes that burst under my kitchen sink during a winter freeze?

Condo insurance is similar to homeowner’s insurance in that it covers your condo’s structure(interior), walls, floors, appliances, and personal items. This insurance can pay for repairing and replacing items or structures within your condo unit. Our team at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc can help Pismo Beach, CA condo owners get the coverage they need.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Condo insurance will compensate for theft, vandalization, the repair or replacement of walls and floors, appliances, and more. Condo insurance also provides coverage for fire and water damage. If your home is damaged by water, condo insurance will repair the damage if possible. If not, condo insurance will pay for the replacement of the damage. 

Will Condo Insurance Cover my Burst Pipes?

If your pipes burst from an unexpected freeze, your condo insurance will cover the repair or replacement of your pipes. Typically, your condo insurance will pay for the cleaning, repair, and replacement of your pipes and the cleaning and repair of anything damaged due to your pipes bursting. This includes your floors and flooring, drywall, furniture, and anything else that was affected or incurred water damage from your burst pipes. 

Other Considerations…

Although condo insurance will cover the repair or replacement of burst pipes, there are situations where a burst pipe or pipes won’t be covered. If your pipes burst due to neglect or some other circumstance caused by you, your condo insurance won’t pay for the repairs. However, if you have questions regarding what’s covered by condo insurance, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.