Get a Quote on Renters Insurance for Yourself

If you rent a house, townhouse, or apartment in Pismo Beach, CA, you should have a renters insurance policy — and it should be your own, individual policy. Renters insurance policies provide tenants with important protections, but they rarely cover more than one individual or family. Here’s why you need your own policy, along with how we at Neff & Associates Insurance Services can help you find an affordable one.

You Need Your Own Renters Insurance Policy

Even if you rent an apartment with a roommate, you need your own renters insurance policy. Polices rarely extend their protections which may include protection against fire, theft, and other perils to people who aren’t immediately related to the policyholder. In other words, unless you’re married to your roommate, you can’t rely on their policy to protect you.

You shouldn’t go without renters insurance, though, because the protections a policy affords could save you thousands of dollars if something happens. Unless you are financially sound enough to recover from a disaster yourself (in which case you’d probably own your own place, not rent), you should have renters insurance to protect you from covered incidents.

Get a Quote on Renters Insurance

Many lessees who don’t have renters insurance are surprised at how affordable policies are. Renters insurance policies are often among the least expensive insurance policies.

To see just how little you could pay for renters insurance, let our independent insurance agents get you a quote — or several. All of our agents are licensed in California and are independent agents, so we can pull quotes from every insurance company in the state. We’ll make sure you find the lowest priced option that you qualify for. Let us know you’d like a quote on renters insurance by contacting us via our website.


Keep The Kids Busy In Pismo Beach: Indoor Winter Fun

It is important to keep the kids busy in Pismo Beach, especially during the winter. They may not always be able to play outdoors because of the weather and therefore you want to plan some indoor fun.

Advanced planning is critical when you are talking about having the kids spend time indoors. You may not know when they are going to decide to play indoors or when the weather is not going to cooperate. This means you will want to have some activities planned ahead of time so that you can pull from them spur of the moment.

Arts & Crafts

Research a few different arts and crafts projects so that you can spread them out across the dining room table. It can be as simple as having glitter, construction paper, scissors, glue, and a few other supplies. Children will unleash their creativity and make all sorts of different things.


Music is a great outlet and kids can stay entertained by music for hours. You can choose to have a dance party where you blast music and let them dance around or you can have them make some of their own instruments. Supplies around the house can be turned into instruments easily – including pots and spoons for drums and paper towel rolls filled with beans for maracas.

Have some other supplies on hand as well. This can include books, movies, board games, play dough, and more. Don’t be afraid to invite some of the neighborhood kids over as it will be easier for all of the kids to stay entertained when they have friends at their side.

Call and talk to one of our independent insurance agents at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc today. We can discuss homeowners insurance in Pismo Beach with you and get quotes from various insurance companies that do business in California.