How Can Small Businesses Be Protected Against Cyberattacks?

Small businesses have enough to worry about without a hacker opening them to litigation for losing their customers’ personal information. An online presence is the lifeline of a small business, but that presents specific problems. Pismo Beach, CA’s Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. wants small business owners to know about cyber insurance.

For example, what could you do if a hacker locked your computer screens while deleting your files? Backing up your information is vital to your small business’ longevity. Cyber insurance can help. What would happen if you turned on your computers upon opening your business only to find a ransom screen on your monitors? Don’t panic; cyber insurance can help.

Who Needs Cyber Security Insurance?

Rest assured, every business "Big Boys" has such insurance. They have more to lose. If a hacker got hold of their records, small companies could be wiped out, so cyber insurance could be a lifeline. 

You need cyber insurance if you:

    • Store important information on computers, such as customer information and how it pertains to your service or product.

    • Have a substantial customer base.

    • Enjoy high profits from or simply because you have expensive digital resources.

What Kind Of Coverage You Need

Cyber insurance includes first-party coverage, which covers everything pertaining to you. Investigation lost revenues due to business closing and alerting customers while providing them with anti-fraud resources. Liability coverage takes care of court costs and settlements. These are the basics, so ask your insurance carrier for more specific products.

You didn’t go into business for any reason other than selling what you believe in and making a profit so you could take care of your family. Pismo Beach, CA’s Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc will help with cyber insurance when you call or drop by to learn more about it.

Is Your Home Protected Against Smoke or Fog Coming From Another Country?

Americans are somewhat accustomed to wildfires, having seen annually what they do to California. Canada has wildfires of its own. The snag to that is the smoke and haze are affecting the air quality of Americans in such disparate locations as Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, and Wisconsin. Does the smoke and haze affect your home insurance?

Smoke Damage To A Home

Yes and no. Yes, because smoke damage is covered under most home insurance policies. Fire is a covered peril. Canadian wildfires aren’t new, but the smoke hanging over American cities is. Consulting an agent at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. in Pismo Beach, CA can help you learn more. 

No, because the haze and smoke generally concern those with respiratory problems rather than smoky-smelling walls and draperies. Here’s what else you should know.

What The Insurance Companies Say

Since you live in Pismo Beach, CA, you might have heard about home insurance companies. Many insurers won’t insure California homes anymore due to the terrible cost of wildfires and rebuilding lives following them. 

That said, there’s no research into how the Canadian wildfires’ smoke and haze affect American insurance companies. The affected sector appears to be New England down to North Carolina, the Midwest in Wisconsin, and the areas on the American-Canadian border. Pismo Beach residents probably won’t be affected by Canadian smoke.

What You Can Do

Consult with Pismo Beach, CA’s Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. While we can’t find much research right now, things change daily. There could be reassuring news for Pismo Beach residents tomorrow. An important note is that Pismo Beach is in the middle of the state. It might not be immune to California’s wildfires, but it might not run afoul of them. In any case, call or drop into our offices to find out the latest news.