Safe Motorcycle Driving Tips During Deer Season

Cooler weather means beautiful rides on your motorcycle through the mountains and on back roads. However, there is one thing you should look out for while riding during this time of the year: deer. This season is mating and migration season of deer and while you may see them during other times of the year, you are more likely to see them now more than ever. Stay safe while riding your motorcycle this season with these helpful tips.

  • Pay attention during the early evening and early morning. They tend to move more at dusk and dawn so keep your eyes open! You are more likely to see them during this time of the day.
  • If you see more, look for others. They tend to travel in herds so if you see one, you will likely see more shortly afterwards. Do not just assume that it was the only deer around. 
  • Wear your helmet. This is a safety precaution you should always enforce but especially during deer season. If you do hit one, you want to be as safe as possible. 
  • When riding in a group, spread out. The reason for this is that by riding a bit spread out, in the case of a collision, you are less likely to take your friends down with you.
  • Don’t swerve to avoid the collision if it is inevitable. You want your motorcycle to be stabilized if it hits an animal. Instead, brake hard until the collision to lessen the force.

Make sure you have the right insurance. This cannot be stressed enough! In California, you are required to have insurance to drive your motorcycle. If you do not have insurance that would cover you in the case of an accident, contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. serving Pismo Beach, CA, for policy information.

Insurance Tips For Your Home Based Business

When you live in Pismo Beach, California and your business is based inside the home, it is important to pay attention to insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to be the only type of policy that is required. There may be several add-ons that you need to consider for coverage and potentially additional policies. This will help to provide financial stability for you as well as your business.

Thing about the various things that go along with your business. You may have:

  • Large inventory
  • Clients visiting
  • Several employees
  • Computers with important data

All of these need to be considered as it is going to help establish what type of business you need.

For example, if you have a large inventory of merchandise, business property coverage can be critical so that you are protected against loss. If you have clients visiting you all the time, general liability coverage may be needed. You will also want to consider data compromise coverage, especially because there are more hackers targeting small businesses than ever before.

The minute you start to hire employees for your home-based business in California, you want to have employment practices liability coverage to protect you against wrongful termination suits and more.

You may also need to consider business interruption coverage so that if there is a fire or tornado, business income could be provided during this time.

All sorts of coverage is out there for your home-based business area when you are looking to purchase insurance, it can be advantageous down with an insurance agent.

Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc is here to help you make smarter decisions about your home-based business, especially when it comes to insurance. Call now and let one of our knowledgeable ages help you every step of the way.