Step Onto the Road: Safety Tips for New Drivers

For the new teen driver, here are a few safety tips that will serve you from the first time you get behind the wheel until you’re ready to take on Mario Andretti in a speed trial.

Scout the Path

Most of our driving takes place from frequent destinations. Before you take a trip on your own, have an experienced driver show you the best line to follow. It also helps to research your local area for any particularly tricky traps created by poor urban planning.

Know Your Vehicle

Take the time to learn the particulars of your car before you take it out on the real road. The best way to do this is to find a practice track to get a feel for the acceleration, braking, turning, and so forth.

Remove Distractions

Phones, tablets, and other digital devices are great to have on hand in case your car breaks down or you get into an accident, but you don’t want them drawing your eye off the road. Tuck yours somewhere safe and out of sight, and don’t bring it back out until you are parked.

Don’t Drive While Tired or Impaired

Not getting behind the wheel while inebriated from alcohol or drugs is a fairly common sense proposal, but your reaction time and senses can be just as dangerous. A driver who is dozing off to slumber or overcome by a sneezing fit can suffer a momentary loss of control that might lead to an accident.

Always Have Insurance

Accidents can find anyone, even with impeccable attention to the road and proper driving technique, and the only protection against the damage to property and person is automobile insurance. If you (or your parents) don’t have insurance or are looking for a better provider, contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc for a quote.