How to handle flooded conditions when on the road

The best way to drive through flooded streets is not to do so. Six inches of flowing water can knock you off your feet. A foot of water will float a car. Two feet of water can sweep a car and all it contains away. If you happen to be somewhere when stormy weather is causing flooded conditions, consider delaying your trip.

If you have to go somewhere, you should take some sensible precautions. Some smartphone apps and internet sites will be able to tell you where the streets are flooded. The weather report on the radio should also give you up-to-the-minute information. You will be able to plan your trip accordingly.

If you come to a flooded section of road, do not try to cross. Your personal safety and keeping your car dry are more important than getting to where you’re going on time.

If for any reason you have to cross a patch of flooded road, take note of how other cars are driving through it and judge the depth of the water accordingly. Drive slowly and steadily until you get to dry pavement. Test your brakes.  If they are too wet to stop the car, keep pressing them with your left foot while driving very slowly with your right foot until they are dried.

If you are stalled in high water, get out of the car and go to higher ground if you can do so in safety. If not, call 911 on your cell phone or call for help from a passerby.

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