How driver aid technology will decrease auto accidents

Even though the time when driverless cars will change the way we go from place to place is still in the future, driver aid technology is starting to make commuting safer than has been the case. According to Forbes, just $600 in new driver aid features could save the United States as much as $202 billion in accident costs every year.

You have doubtless seen some of these features advertised already. Blind spot warning systems ensure that you do not shift lanes into another car that you can’t see in your side mirror. Lane changing warnings make sure that you stay in your lane unless you consciously signal your intention to do move into another. Forward collision warning technology alerts you if you are about to cause a rear-end collision into a car ahead of you. All of these features are designed to mitigate against distracted driving.

Carnegie Mellon University just concluded a study suggesting that, if every car had these three simple systems, costing $600 per vehicle, the monetary savings are just the beginning. They could prevent or lessen the severity of 1.3 million crashes per year, including 133,000 that would result in injuries to drivers and passengers. 10,000 fatalities could be prevented every year.

The message from the study could not be clearer. If you buy a new car with driver aid features installed, you will be less likely to be in an auto accident and therefore less likely to be injured or killed on the road. Of course, even with new technology, sound driving habits and keeping your attention on the road are paramount.

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Keeping Your House Safe While on Vacation

While you may imagine that most burglaries in Pismo Beach, CA take place under the cover of darkness, the fact is that most burglaries take place during the day, when people tend NOT to be home. If you’re on vacation, leaving your house unoccupied around the clock, it becomes even more of a target.

Criminals tend to watch certain neighborhoods and houses, looking for the perfect target.  For an unsuspecting family on vacation, an unprotected house is vulnerable to thieves. To avoid coming home to such a scenario, there are a few precautionary measures you can take.

1.  Hire a House Sitter

There are people who make careers out of house sitting in Pismo Beach CA. These people live in your house, take in your mail, set your security alarm, and many will even take care of your pets. The charge is typically a flat daily rate which is worth it for peace of mind and robbery prevention.

2.  Ask a Friend to Stay Over

If you can’t find a professional house sitter in your area who is available for your next vacation, ask a friend or family member to stay in your house. Have a nephew in college who could use the extra money? A friend who could use a change of scenery?  Reach out and see what kind of feedback you get.

3.  Ask Neighbors to Keep an Eye Out

If having someone stay at the property while you’re away doesn’t work out, ask a neighbor to grab your mail for you and to keep an eye on your house for anything out of the ordinary. Let them know you will gladly return the favor.

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