Reduce the Chances of Motorcycle Theft While on a Road Trip

As a motorcycle owner, the last thing you ever want to experience is walking out of a restaurant, hotel or even your home and find your bike is nowhere to be seen. It is a stomach-sinking feeling. At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, we not only offer motorcycle insurance, but want to make sure you never have to deal with having to deal with your bike stolen, either in Pismo Beach or anywhere else you might travel. 

Out of Sight

When parking for the night, keep it as out of sight as possible. Naturally, you won’t have garage access or anything like that, but don’t just park it readily visible to anyone who drives by the hotel. Additionally, a bike cover is a nice investment. It blends in with the night and almost camouflages it. 

Lock it Down

Make sure to lock your motorcycle down when inside. Even if you are just stopping for lunch it only takes a few minutes for skilled motorcycle thieves to steal a bike. By locking it down, those looking to lift a bike will be more inclined to leave yours alone. A lock helps secure the wheel to a stationary object. If at all possible, have the lock elevated in the air, as this makes it more difficult to break it open with blunt force. 

Pick the Security Camera

Don’t just park your bike between cars, as this gives thieves cover to steal your bike. Instead, park it in the open and make sure you are by a security camera. Motorcycle thieves do not want to be spotted, and having a camera above head makes it less likely that someone will even attempt to touch your bike, let alone go and steal it.