Condo insurance 101: What you need to know as a property investor

Purchasing a Condo requires you to make crucial decisions but so is protecting it. Keeping in mind that a condominium is an investment worth lots of money, you need to get the best insurance cover to protect it against any unforeseen risks. However, you need to do a lot of research before deciding which company or which policy to buy.

The first step towards getting the best condo insurance is getting the right insurance company. You need to find a company that understands the value of your condo cover. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. which serves Pismo Beach, CA is one such insurance company. Our happiness is to see you satisfied and stress- free.
In regards to that, we have compiled some of the things you need to know as a property investor before you agree to sign any contract. We value transparency and honesty, and that is why, once you visit our offices, our priority is to give you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most important things you should know as a property investor

  •  Understand the terms

There are different condo insurance options. For example, insuring a single family home is not the same as insuring your condo. You need to read all the terms and conditions of your contract before you commit.

  • The location of your Condo determines your insurance cover

If your condo is located in a place that has a high chance of being affected by natural disasters such as floods, you will have to pay more premiums. So, if you have an option of choosing a condo in a better location, that is a better choice since it will save you cost in the long run.

  • Do research

Having the right condominium insurance cover will save you a lot of cost and regrets in the future. Make sure you are well conversant with the different coverage options. Luckily, we as Pismo Beach, CA, Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. we have well-trained employees that have had condo insurance experience for a couple of years.

Visit us today and get to know all the essential facts about condo insurance as well as our different insurance covers.


Tips for Summer Classic Car Care

It’s finally summertime and the perfect time to make sure your classic car is in good working condition for the summer high temperatures in the surrounding Pismo Beach, CA area. Many enjoy taking their classic car out for a trip in the summer months, and you do not want to be stranded in the summer heat due to an unchecked issue. Here are some tips for vintage automobile care in the summer.

  • Check necessary fluids, such as motor oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid regularly. Older autos need to be checked more often, so don’t forget to take a few minutes and check things out before leaving.
  • Regularly check the appearance of your tires, in particular for cracks in the sidewalls. Check the tire pressure because summer temperatures cause the air in the tires to expand. Tire damage or overinflated tires can lead to a blowout that ruins your trip.
  • Dry summer heat, the wind, and long distance road trips can cause the air and gas filters to become dirty faster than other times during the year.  Have these checked regularly to help improve fuel economy and the vehicle’s performance?
  • If your classic car has an AC system, it’s time to have it checked. While it’s not necessary for your car to run, it can be important to keep you and passengers from becoming overheated.
  • You have likely invested a lot into restoring your classic car, so protect its new look from cosmetic damage by the sun. Park in the shade whenever possible and use a sun shade.

Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc

If you have a vintage vehicle in the Pismo Beach, CA area, trust Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc to help you find the right coverage for your classic car.