Automotive Security Devices That Could Be Beneficial

Automotive security devices protect against theft and vandalism. Review some devices that could minimize the need to file an automotive insurance claim. Consult a Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. agent about modifying your Pismo Beach, CA, car insurance policy.

Steering Lock

A steering lock is a device that attaches to the steering wheel. It prevents a vehicle from being driven. Installing this type of lock requires the use of basic tools. A steering lock should be installed whenever your vehicle is going to be unoccupied for a long duration.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is used to determine the location of a vehicle. A tracking device can detect when a vehicle is moving and when it is parked. This type of device can be used to monitor your vehicle day and night. If you own a vehicle used for business purposes, installing a tracker will allow you to monitor your vehicle’s location when it is not at your place of business.

Alarm System

An alarm system will detect when the doors of your vehicle are opened. It will also detect if your vehicle is moved from its current location. A range of alarm systems on the market will provide protection for standard passenger and commercial vehicles.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses are designed to keep drivers safe. Participating in a course will prepare you for adverse driving conditions. It will also help you remain alert when driving down busy roadways.

Final Words

Make sure you have reviewed the necessary security devices and measures to protect your vehicle. Contact an agent who serves Pismo Beach, CA. Our agents at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. will recommend insurance products that are right for you.

How Umbrella Insurance Works With Home and Auto Policies

When you already have home and auto policies, you may not have enough of a specific type of coverage. These policies have several coverage types within them, and liability is one of them. It’s a meaningful way to protect yourself, and you can get more by getting an umbrella policy. It not only gives you more coverage, but it saves you money at the same time. When you need umbrella insurance, call us at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. in Pismo Beach, CA. 

Liability Coverage

Your home and auto policies have a level of liability protection that will protect you against the cost of accidents. When there’s an accident in your home, your home policy can pay for the medical bills of the injured party who isn’t a member of the household. The same is true for your auto insurance when you have an accident with your vehicle. It has a level of liability for the injuries of the other party. The problem is that these levels of liability coverage from both policies are likely too low to pay for a costly accident. When you get umbrella insurance, it adds to both of these policies with extra liability coverage. 

Saving Money

Umbrella policies come with a very large amount of coverage for a small price. Getting an umbrella policy is much less expensive than adding more liability coverage to your home and auto policies directly. This is a cost-saving that leaves you well protected against accidents and liability. 

Get Umbrella Insurance for More Protection

When you already have auto and home insurance, getting an umbrella policy as an extra layer of liability coverage is a smart move. Call us at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. in Pismo Beach, CA to get started.