Benefits of Trimming Away Dead Growth in the Autumn Months

During the summer months, it is easy to let your landscaping go. It is so hot that you may not want to get out and prune shrubs or trim trees. However, when it begins to cool, it is time to get caught up again. There are also many benefits to trimming away dead growth in the autumn months. Here are a couple of those benefits.

Can Prevent Water Obstructions

One of the big benefits to trimming away dead growth is that you can prevent water obstructions. You can ensure dead leaves don’t clog your home’s gutters or the channels in the street that guides water to the sewer. Gutter clogs can damage the gutters, your roof and your siding. Street obstructions can cause street flooding. Trimming away dead growth prevents both.

Prevent Hazards From Falling Limbs

The other benefit to trimming away dead growth is that it can prevent hazards due to falling limbs. Falling tree branches or limbs can damage your home or any property underneath. This can be costly to replace or can even total a car parked underneath. Getting rid of dead or damaged branches prevents this issue from happening.

Trimming away dead growth in the autumn months can keep your home safe, minimizing the chance that you will have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim because of it. And speaking of homeowner’s insurance, autumn is a great time to take a look at your policy and ensure it covers everything you need it to. If your policy doesn’t meet your needs, it may be time to start pricing out a new one. If you need help with your homeowners policy, contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, serving the Pismo Beach, CA area. Get help with your policy limits or get a quote today.

Can I Be Held Liable for Guest Accidents at My House?

In Pismo Beach, CA, people spend a lot of time having fun at home with family and friends. These occasions are what make life so enjoyable and special in the area.

Yet, homeowners must be careful. Unfortunately, this is a very litigious society. When a guest gets hurt at the home of another, they often file a lawsuit to recuperate damages. In many cases, the host will be the defendant in these lawsuits. Those who do not have adequate home insurance coverage may find themselves having to pay legal fees and possibly a court damage award.

Home Liability Coverage

The best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid home accidents. Of course, doing so is difficult because of the very nature of accidents, which always happen when people least expect them.

All a household can do to protect itself from financial ruin is purchase comprehensive home insurance that includes liability coverage.

Always ask an experienced Neff & Associates Insurance Services, Inc, agent about what things the home liability insurance covers. Homeowners can be held responsible for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, death costs, legal fees and other expenses.

Never Go Without Adequate Home Insurance

Unwisely, many in Pismo Beach, CA, and beyond, figure a home accident will never happen to them. After all, they feel lucky. These people fail to understand that it is common for a guest to suffer a seemingly simple slip and fall. In other cases, a pet may harm or scare a visitor.

It is best to be prepared for these sorts of possibilities.

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