How Commercial Insurance Can Cover Your Online Business

Many people in Pismo Beach, CA have started or considered starting an online business. Whether big or small, you need to understand an online business is still a business. You need to protect yourself, your assets, and your operations with some form of commercial insurance from Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc.

Why Your Online Business Needs Protection

All businesses come with a certain amount of risk. Consider the potential risks generated by your online business. You may have to think hard about it, but you can probably come up with quite a few. Some examples can include:

  • A failure or perceived failure to deliver on a promise
  • Any harm or perceived harm, whether physical or mental, caused by your service
  • Selling a defective product to someone

This is not an exhaustive list. In addition, these things all apply if you hire a third party who creates these risks in your name. Basically, if you can think of any reason someone may consider suing you or your business, you need to mitigate that specific risk.

Even if the claim against you is unfounded and frivolous, you will still have to spend money fighting the case. This can stop an online business cold before it ever really gets going.

How Commercial Insurance Can Help Your Online Business

Commercial insurance gives your online business the protection it needs by providing coverage for all the things that can go wrong. For example, commercial insurance can provide:

  • Coverage for your business equipment
  • Coverage for business interruptions and loss of income
  • Liability protection if someone claims your business harmed them

The exact type of commercial insurance you need in Pismo Beach, CA will depend on the nature of your online business. To learn more about the options available to you and your online business, contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. today.

The Differences Between Policies for Classic and Regular Cars

If you love cruising around Pismo Beach, CA in your classic car, you probably already understand the importance of good car insurance. Even if you’ve collected classic cars for years, do you actually know the differences between regular and classic car insurance? At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, we want you to understand your insurance and what you’re paying for. Read on to learn about the differences between standard car insurance and classic car insurance.


Most likely, you’re not driving your classic car to work and back every day. This limited use transfers to lower risk of an accident, thus lower rates. Classic cars are also usually well taken care of and stored in enclosed garages. For these reasons, classic car insurance is typically much cheaper than regular car insurance.

Car Value

Typically with regular cars, the value of your car is determined by the current retail value. With regular, everyday cars, this value obviously depreciates over time. With classic cars, however, value and cost operate very differently. Once you and the insurance company agree on a value for the car, that is the amount you will receive if something does happen.


It’s a no-brainer that you need a license to drive a regular car, but you also need a special license to drive a classic car. This is only one of the requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for classic car insurance. Talk to an agent at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc to find out what is required to ensure your classic car.

Next time you take your ‘63 Ford Galaxies 500 out for a spin in Pismo Beach, CA, you can cruise with the knowledge of how your classic car insurance works.