Motorcycle insurance: How much do I need?

More motorcycles are registered in the state of California than in any other state in the United States. Can you picture a better place to enjoy riding your motorcycle than Pismo Beach, CA? Probably not but when you are riding a motorcycle you do need to think about insurance. California requires all drivers to carry liability insurance, they follow the 15/30/5 rule. Since California is a no-fault state you will also be responsible for your own injuries. The staff at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc can help you understand what these terms mean. 

Liability insurance is important. It protects your assets. You may want to think about whether the basic amount that is required by the law is really enough to protect you. If you own a home, it may not be enough especially if you happened to get sued as the result of an accident. While liability insurance protects the other party/parties in an accident, what about you?  Uninsured or underinsured coverage can protect you in the event that you are in an accident with someone who doesn’t carry the required insurance.  

When you have a loan on your bike you will be required to have collision and comprehensive coverage. When the loan is paid in full you may think itis more economical to let that insurance lapse. Depending on the age and quality of your vehicle, this may not be a good idea. If you have an expensive bike or have done custom work on it the value may make it important to protect. It could be damaged in an accident or stolen and if this would be something that would be hard to pay for out of your pocket carrying these valuable additional coverages is a very good idea. 

Why not stop into the office of Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc in Pismo Beach, CA and lets us make sure that you have all the coverage that you need for your motorcycle and yourself. 


Why Should I Get Flood Insurance

Buying a home in the Pismo Beach, CA area can be a great investment and long-term decision. For those that are in this area, the proximity to water can come with an increased risk of flood damage. Since this risk is prevalent in this area, getting flood insurance could be a good option. There are several reasons why you should get flood insurance for your property. 

Mortgage Requirement

Depending on where you live specifically, you may be required by your lender to carry flood insurance. Most lenders will follow the guidelines set forth by FEMA and if you are in a flood zone, you will need to have adequate coverage at all times. Even if your home doesn’t require it today, your lender will have the right to check these reports regularly and may need you to get insurance in the future. 

Protects Your Property

Even if there are no mortgage requirements for you to have flood insurance on your Pismo Beach, CA area home, you should still make sure that you get this coverage. Flood damage can be extremely significant. In some situations, it could require a major remodel or a complete rebuild of your property. If your base home insurance policy does not give adequate coverage for this risk, having the additional flood insurance is a complete necessity as it will give you the protection to mitigate this risk.

When you are shopping for a flood insurance policy, you should consider speaking with the team at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. Deciding whether or not you should get flood insurance is complicated and very important. To make sure you make the right choice, speaking with Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. is a practical necessity. These professionals can help you get into a great policy that will protect against the risk of flood damage.