Benefits of Umbrella Insurance in Pismo Beach, CA

There are a number of reasons to get umbrella insurance if you live in Pismo Beach, California though it all depends on your particular situation. Of course, many people don’t know what umbrella insurance is or how it is helpful so this helpful guide has been created below to explain the umbrella insurance policies to you. If after reading this you do elect to get this type of insurance coverage, consider using a local broker like Neff & Associates Insurance Services, Inc, who serves the local Pismo Beach area and offers competitive rates.


There are a few main reasons to get umbrella insurance. First, it covers any gaps in your existing home and auto insurance policies that they may not cover. Next, it will protect you against lawsuits that people who you are in a car accident with or if someone gets injured on your property turns around and tries to sue you. Umbrella insurance also protects you from slander or libel, as these are an example of those things that aren’t covered by your home or auto insurance policy.


Most of these policies range between $100 and $200 per month depending on how much coverage you need. Remember this is extra coverage so it will give you about one million dollars of additional coverage for this amount per month.


That’s a question you will have to ask yourself because every situation is different when it comes to umbrella insurance policies. Do you think you will be vulnerable to lawsuits in the future that would otherwise be covered by an umbrella insurance policy? Obviously it is hard to predict the future but if you regularly do things that could yield a lawsuit or have a lot of interaction with strangers on your property (like if you’re a business in Pismo Beach) then an umbrella policy is probably a good idea.