Common Misconceptions about Renter’s Insurance

Misconceptions about renter’s insurance can be confusing to new renters, making them hesitant about purchasing this coverage. If you’ve recently rented home, condo or apartment in Pismo Beach, CA, talk to Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc about the coverage that renter’s insurance has to offer. We’ll separate fact from fiction so you can get the protection you need. Here are some common misconceptions about renter’s policies.

Renter’s Insurance is Costly

Renter’s insurance is quite affordable, making it easy for almost anyone to purchase the policy they need. Taking into account the protection it provides, renter’s insurance is worth the cost.

Your Stuff Isn’t Valuable Enough for Insurance Coverage

Renter’s insurance protects your goods against damage or loss if they’re stolen or destroyed in a disaster. Even if your goods aren’t extremely costly, their collective value is enough to warrant insurance protection. If your rental home catches fire and you lose everything you own, renter’s insurance will compensate you for your loss, enabling you to replace those items you need most.  

Your Landlord’s Insurance Covers Your Goods

Your landlord’s insurance covers his home, condo, or apartment in Pismo Beach, CA, not your belongings. With renter’s insurance, however, you can safeguard your valuables against a number of perils that can threaten your abode. Renter’s insurance also protects you against accidents people may have when visiting your rental home.

Your Roommate is Insured so You Don’t Need Coverage  

Your roommate’s policy protects his goods, not yours. If you want renter’s insurance protection, you need to purchase your own policy. The good news is that you can customize your policy to suit your personal needs so you don’t pay for unnecessary coverage.

For more information about renter’s insurance policies and costs, call or visit Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc today.