3 Ways Condo Insurance Can Protect You

Like any other home, your Pismo Beach, CA condo is a valuable investment that needs insurance coverage to protect it from harm. Condo insurance offers dwelling, personal property, liability coverage, and more. At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, we’ll calculate the value of your condo and personal goods, assess your risks, and customize a condo policy to provide just the protection you need. Here are just a few ways condo insurance can protect you.

Building Property Coverage

Building property insurance covers the interior of your unit to include walls, flooring, cabinets, bath fixtures, tiling, etc. against perils that can damage your structure or lead to its total loss. These perils may range from fire to lightning strikes, storm damage, wind damage, water damage from leaky pipes, and other catastrophes. You choose the amount and scope of coverage you want according to the value of your unit and your budget.  

Personal Property Coverage

Condo property insurance covers your belongings. If any of your goods are stolen or damaged in a covered peril, property coverage will help cover its repair or replacement cost, as per the limits of your policy. The property protected under this coverage can be personal like your clothing, jewelry, shoes, or part of your home such as furniture, electronics, artwork, etc.

Liability Coverage

Condo insurance in Pismo Beach, CA also protects you against accidental injuries that may occur when neighbors, friends, or relatives visit your property. Liability coverage pays for the medical expenses of those who are injured so you don’t have to use your personal funds to cover these costs. If an accident leads to a lawsuit, liability insurance covers your legal costs, up to the limits on your policy. 

To purchase a condo policy for your Pismo Beach, CA home, call or visit us at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. at your earliest convenience.