What to Know When Buying Homeowner’s

Purchasing a homeowner’s policy in Pismo Beach, CA protects a person’s investment. In many cases, it’s required by the resident’s mortgage company. It’s a smart idea to have homeowner’s insurance even after your home is paid off. And you there’s more you should know prior to purchasing a policy.

1. Get a Policy Based on the Home’s Value

The policy amount is dependent upon the home’s value. You need coverage that will not only cover damages done to the home itself and the property, but you’ll want to get a policy to cover all of the possessions inside the home as well.

2. Read the Guidelines Thoroughly

When you’re researching and comparing, look at the coverage and restrictions. Sometimes, certain events aren’t covered under a standard policy, and you may require additional coverage. You may experience an emergency that’s not covered if you don’t understand the options thoroughly.

3. Insurance Combined with Escrow

In some cases, the lender requires the homeowner’s policy to be paid through escrow. This is particularly the case with individuals who are at a high risk for not paying monthly payments. It’s sometimes beneficial since the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about when a payment is due. A forgotten or missed payment could cause a lapse in coverage, which is prevented when the payment is made at the same time as the person’s monthly mortgage payment.

4. Know the Minimums

Contact your mortgage company and inquire about the insurance coverage required and the minimums. Discuss with your Pismo Beach, CA agent what’s required by law. This helps determine the bare minimum, and then you can build from there.

To receive a quote or discuss with an agent the ideal homeowner’s insurance policy for you, contact Neff and Associates, serving Pismo Beach, today at 805-773-1710. Our friendly insurance agents will be able to go over you options and help you decide on the right policy to meet your needs.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Insurance Prices in Pismo Beach, CA

Pismo Beach, CA is a place where you can relax and enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, the city has so much to offer, including lively recreation activities, classy restaurants, and comfortable inns. Having a motorcycle can help you go around the city to visit some of the best spots. However, unfortunate things can happen, which is why here at Neff & Associates Insurance Services, we urge you to be prepared with motorcycle insurance.

Neff & Associates Insurance Services serves Pismo Beach, CA, 93449. We are completely aware that motorcycling can be dangerous. If you tend to drive fast, you may never know what lurks around the bend. No matter how careful you are, accidents could still happen. With so many insurance options though, we understand that you can easily get confused. This is why we are here: to help you find the best motorcycle insurance price that you can afford.

Whether you drive a cruiser, a sports bike, a scooter, or a touring motorcycle, there is always an insurance plan that can meet your needs. We can guide you so that you can locate the most affordable price for your insurance policy out of all the available insurance options in Pismo Beach, CA, 93449.

Note that there are some factors that can affect the motorcycle insurance price that you should pay. These factors include the type of bike you have, your age, where you live, your driving history, and your job. It is always a good idea to shop around before you decide to buy. Our mission here at Neff & Associates Insurance Services is to help you take a look at the available insurance options and let you compare the prices. Contact one of our agents today to get a fast quote on motorcycle insurance.



How Taking a Motorcycle Safety Class Affects Your Insurance Coverage

Riding a motorcycle is inherently risky. It is associated with a number of perils, including road accidents. This is why wise motorcyclists understand the need for motorcycle insurance. The problem though is that motorcycle insurance does not always come cheap. Thankfully, there are some ways to lower the premiums that have to be paid and one method is through the use of a motorcycle safety class. Here at Neff & Associates Insurance Services, we encourage you to sign up for such safety class to help lower your insurance coverage payments.

With a motorcycle safety course, you can become a much safer driver. When the insurance companies learn that you are a low risk driver, they can offer you with a discount. Our agents can help you find the best deal in the market right now.

If you have not enrolled in a motorcycle safety class yet, you should start looking for a safety course as soon as you can. There are many types of courses available, especially for beginner drivers. Some types include improving on basic motorcycle riding skills, including mounting the bike and some techniques to remain safe while on the road such as wearing the helmet properly. The safety class can also teach you how to choose the best gear to protect yourself when driving.

We serve the city of Pismo Beach, CA, 93449. If you complete an approved motorcycle safety class, many insurance companies would be willing to provide you with a discount. If you have already found an insurance plan that you think is suitable for you, we could still help you locate an even better deal. Give us a call today and one of agents will assist you in your motorcycle insurance needs. You can also use our online tool for comparing quotes to see the difference for yourself.

Storm Damage & More: How To Get The Coverage That Matters

Pismo Beach, CA is a gorgeous area that is located right on the Pacific coast. There are a lot of things to do, including visiting the pier, boating in kayaks, and sunning in the sand. Home values are high throughout the area and consist of single family homes, townhomes, and more.

Storms can occur throughout the year, especially during the summer and early fall months. You want homeowners insurance that you can rely on to provide your home in 93449 with the necessary protection. The last thing you want is to experience roof damage and have to spend the money out of pocket to make the repairs.

Getting the coverage you need can be done in three simple steps.

1. Contact an independent insurance agent to help

2. Review the level of coverage that you want on your home

3. Obtain multiple insurance quotes

When you have storm protection on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you can enjoy peace of mind for your home in Pismo Beach, CA. Your home in 93449 is vulnerable to the storms and without the coverage that matters, the insurance company could easily deny a lot of your claims.

You pay for insurance for a reason and that’s what our agents are here to help with. Our agents are independent and therefore not tied to any one company. We can help you find the best homeowner’s insurance to protect against roof damage, flooding, and anything else that can take place during a storm. We know what happens in Pismo Beach, CA and can explain some of the most common forms of coverage that homeowners look for.

Best of all, when you call, we can provide you with plenty of quotes from different insurance companies so you can make the necessary comparisons to find an affordable policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance: Buy The Coverage You Really Need

Pismo Beach, CA has a lot to offer homeowners. There’s no only the 1200 foot Pismo Pier that offers breathtaking views of the ocean, but there are also plenty of other outdoor activities to participate in. The 93449 ZIP code offers some incredible homes and while they are priced higher than the average homes in the state, they are highly desirable on the market.

Buying homeowner’s insurance is something that has to be done. While you want to get a low cost policy, it’s important that you get the coverage you really need. Working with an insurance agent can help because you can look at some of the most common claims made on insurance within the area.

Your home in Pismo Beach needs to be protected against all of the most common issues. This includes:

– Fires

– Flood

– Theft

– Sinking foundation

– Personal injury claims

– Storm damage

Whatever it is, you want to be able to make a call and file a claim. This way, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the repairs instead of you having to pay for everything on your own.

You will want to look at how your porch is covered in various situations and whether your home is protected in the event of a sinking foundation. While you hope to never have to file a claim with the insurance company, you simply never know what can happen. It can be advantageous to spend a little more on your insurance policy each month to have peace of mind that you are covered against all potential problems.

Our insurance agents are knowledgeable about homeowners insurance in the Pismo Beach, CA 93449 area and can answer questions you have about insurance. Let us start getting quotes on a policy for you today.

Understanding the Importance of Storing Your Antique Car In the Garage

There's no doubt that you have probably spent a considerable amount of money on your antique car. It's because of this that you will want to take great care of it. To achieve this goal, it's imperative that you store it properly when you're not cruising around in it. Here's a quick look at a few tips for storing your classic car the right way in Pismo Beach, CA.

Perform regular maintenance

Before you put the car away, make sure to check all grease fittings, and on all hinges, including the hood latch, spray them with lithium (white) grease to prevent corrosion. It's also important to keep at least one window down to ensure the interior receives good air flow.

Don't drain all the gas

You might be tempted to run the car as low as you can on gas before storing it because this helps to prevent varnish buildup, but in doing this, you're likely to ruin the fuel pump. The best route you can take is to fill the collectible car up with gas and then add fuel stabilizer. Take the car for a 15-minute drive and then park it. This short drive will ensure that the stabilizer is mixed well with the fuel.

Keep critters out

If you leave the tailpipes wide open, there's a good chance that small critters can climb up in them. The best way to make sure that this doesn't happen is by stuffing the tailpipes with socks, but make sure you tie a red flag to them that hangs out of the pipes as a reminder to remove them once you take the car for a drive again.

If you would like more information on how to take care of your car, contact us and speak with one of our classic car insurance antique representatives who serves the 93449 area.

Getting Your Clear Coat Repaired: When To Pay And When Not To Pay

Pismo Beach, CA is a gorgeous area with a small population. Home values are considerably higher here than in the state as a whole, and household incomes are higher as well. The town is very close to Santa Maria, which offers more of a metropolitan city.

When you explore car insurance, it’s important to know what is and is not covered on your policy. If you experience hail damage in the 93449 area, you want to know that insurance will pay so it’s not going to come out of your pocket.

Hail can easily damage the clear coat of your car in Pismo Beach. The clear coat is what goes over the layer of color on your car. Once the clear coat is damaged, it’s only a matter of time before the paint is damaged and then the bare metal of your car can be exposed.

If you get involved in an accident and the clear coat is damaged, you will likely be able to have it repaired when you take it to the auto body shop. However, if you suffer hail damage in 93449 and your car insurance doesn’t have comprehensive coverage, you could be paying out of pocket.

We have agents that will work with you on building a policy that makes sense. We will look at such coverage options as:

– CA mandated liability insurance

– Uninsured motorist coverage

– Comprehensive

– Collision

Each one of these has the potential to protect your clear coat when it is damaged, but you have to know what will and won’t be covered. If something is covered on your car insurance, you simply have to pay the deductible.

Call and speak to one of our insurnaceagents about your options for insurance in Pismo Beach, CA today!