Safety Tips for Driving with Kids in Pismo Beach CA

Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc wants to make sure that you and your family have a fabulous summer and stay safe during these warm weather months. In order to do that, it is important that you remember basic safety tips when you travel from home to the beach or to camp. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you are driving with children.

1. Make sure children are wearing their seat belts.

Children may not like wearing seat belts during the hottest part of the year, but it is not only the law, but crucial to their safety that they do. Children are the most vulnerable to injury in the case of an accident because they are smaller than most adults. To keep seat belts cooler in the sun, cover them with a sleeve made from an old blanket or towel. The sleeve will keep the seat belt from getting burning hot in direct sun.

2. Carry water with you.

It is easy to carry a small cooler of water when you and your children are in the car. With this simple tip, you will never run out of water if you get stuck somewhere due to a flat tire or issue with traffic. Just fill your cooler in the morning when you leave your home, and bring it inside at the end of the day to refill.

3. Carry a first aid kit in your car.

Children pick up cuts and bruises easily when playing outdoors on the beach or at a park. If you keep a small first aid kit stocked and in your vehicle, you will have supplies on hand to take care of a small injury.