Facts You Need to Know About Classic Car Insurance

You’ve searched throughout Pismo Beach, CA for the ideal classic car and now finally gotten that classic car that you’ve been dreaming about; you’ll need to insure it. Classic car insurance is thought to be a non-standard form of automobile coverage that is used to meet the insurance needs of classic car collectors. Since it is a type of specialized coverage, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you can cover your classic car. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc has put together some facts you need to know about classic car insurance.

Vehicle Categories and Age

In order for a vehicle to be qualified for classic car insurance, it must fall into one of three categories:

  • Veteran, which are cars that were manufactured on or before December of 1904
  • Edwardian, which are vehicles manufactured between January 1905 and December 1918
  • Limited, which are rare, limited editions or special interest vehicles; there were several vehicles manufactured in the 1970s, but not all vehicles that were built before 1974 are considered classic cars. For instance, foreign sports cars, convertibles, cars that have a big block V8 engine are considered classic.

In the majority of states, a vehicle should be a minimum of 15 years old before it is considered to be a classic car and qualify for classic car insurance. Some states require the vehicle to be 25 years of age in order to be classified as a classic; however, there are many auto insurance providers that may work with you to provide classic car insurance for vehicles less than 15 years of age. The best thing to do is to talk with your insurance provider to determine if your car meets the qualifications for a classic car.

Storage Requirements

Many classic car insurance providers also require specific storage requirements for classic cars. It’s important to speak with your insurance provider for specifics, but in most situations, you’ll need to make sure the car isn’t parked outside and that it is stored in a secure garage or storage facility that is designed for storing classic cars.

In order for a classic car to be qualified for classic car insurance coverage, it must not be your primary vehicle. Even if your car is considered to be rare, in most situations, it will not be eligible for classic car coverage if you drive it every day. Only classic cars that are driven on a limited basis are generally eligible for classic car coverage and many insurance providers have strict restrictions on the number of miles it can be driven annually.

Residents of Pismo Beach, CA interested in learning more about insuring their classic car should contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc.