Carrying Collision and Comprehensive After Your Car Loan is Paid

When a lien in a vehicle, full coverage is expected to be carried for the duration of that loan. So many times car owners receive the title to their vehicle and immediately contact the insurance company to drop their insurance to minimum coverage. In the state of California, minimum coverage consists of liability coverage.

Although it is required, car owners should continue to carry collision and comprehensive after the car is paid to prevent a financial burden in the event of a crisis.  If you reside in or around the Pismo Beach, CA area, a full coverage auto insurance policy including collision and comprehensive can be purchased through Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. 

Coverage of Car Damage

In the event of an accident, the collision portion of your policy can cover the damage to your car, or replace it at value if the damage is a total loss. For car owners only carrying minimum coverage of liability, they are not subject to this financial coverage, leaving themselves financially responsible. 

Other Damages

Sometimes, unfortunate situations such as disasters or theft can cause damage to your car. The comprehensive portion of your insurance policy is available for the non-accident related claims in which significant damage can happen. Like the car owners who lack collision, those who lack comprehensive insurance are also responsible for their own damage repair or replacing the vehicle completely for a total loss. Most car owners do not have the financial freedom to immediately replace a vehicle, leaving you and your family stranded.

Prepare Yourself

Protect yourself from unnecessary financial obligation. If you do not already carry collision and comprehensively covered on your vehicle, it is time to make that switch. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc proudly serves the Pismo Beach, CA area and has a policy ready for you today.