3 Reasons to Buy Flood Insurance

To many people’s surprise, flood insurance is not included in a typical home insurance policy. If you live in Pismo Beach, CA, you particularly need to think about how flooding will affect your property. If you’re unprotected, Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc wants you to know a little more. 

Your Location 

From earthquakes to strong storms, there are a variety of ways that the homes in Pismo Beach, CA may experience some type of flooding. The ocean may be beautiful, but it can also be destructive. Flood insurance can give you peace of mind if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Flooding can affect anyone in the US of course, but locations near the ocean (even if they’re not located on the beach) may have a few more reasons to worry. 

Flooding Doesn’t End at Water Damage

Water damage is extremely difficult to eliminate from a home. The mildew can get trapped in the fibers of practically every surface and leave a musty smell long after the area is cleaned. But mildew is not the real concern for a homeowner. Water damage can, unfortunately, lead to mold that can spread to every room. And while some variations of mold are mild, others are deadly. These infestations can grow behind the walls for months before anyone has a chance to even notice it. 

You Need Someone to Turn To

Flooding is a scary experience for anyone, which is why it can be terrifying to try to handle on your own. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc wants everyone to have a partner they can turn to when life takes a turn. If you want to learn how flood insurance can protect your hard-earned property. give us a call today to learn more.