3 reasons why you need umbrella insurance at home

You probably already have a home insurance cover and are wondering whether you need to buy umbrella insurance. Yes, you do, and here is why. It is essential to note that your home insurance cover has limits to what it can cover. When it comes to treasured home possessions, you don’t want to be taking chances. An umbrella insurance policy provides extra coverage to cover what is not covered under the home insurance cover. If you are a resident at Pismo Beach, CA, talk to our insurance agents at  Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc for further information.

What is umbrella insurance?

This is personal liability coverage that covers claims over and above your regular insurance cover. The extra coverage covers financial liability as result of injuries, lawsuits and property damage.

Do you need umbrella insurance?

  • lawsuits

In case of a lawsuit, umbrella insurance covers your legal fees in case you lose the lawsuit. In instances where you win the case, the policy covers your lawyer fees. Where accidents happen within your property, you are likely to be sued for physical and emotional pain caused. Umbrella insurance policy allows you to have a peace of mind as you entertain your guest as the legal liability is covered by this policy.

  • Personal property damage

Umbrella insurance covers damages caused by other people’s property as a result of an accident. Where damage caused is intentional, this is not covered. The benefits only come into play when the underlying policy limits have been exhausted.

  • Bodily injuries

Where accidents happen within your property, the umbrella insurance covers for the medical expenses over the limits of your medical insurance cover.

Who needs umbrella insurance coverage?

Accidents can result in huge financial liability that you are not prepared for. Umbrella insurance is beneficial to everyone. Kindly visit us at Pismo Beach, CA, and talk to our  Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc insurance agents who will guide through the process of purchasing an umbrella insurance policy.

How To Pick The Right Auto Insurance Coverage?

In California, all drivers are legally required to carry proper auto insurance. Therefore, if you do not want to risk breaking the laws, you should get car insurance for your vehicle. Choosing the right coverage might seem tricky and complicated. In order to help you to make the right decision, Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc from Pismo Beach, CA prepared a guide on how to pick the right auto insurance. 

Do Research Before Buying

The worst thing you can do is to buy the first option you hear. In order to avoid a mistake, it is important to conduct thorough research. Make sure to compare the available options and insurance companies and ask yourself what type of coverage you really need. This will help you to make the right decision and not to overpay for the policy that you might not even need. 

Look At The Deductible Options

The insurance deductible is the certain amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in. The lower your deductible is, the more you have to pay for insurance. Ask yourself, whether you will be able to handle a higher deductible. If your answer is yes, then the insurance plan with a high deductible is the best decision. 

Consider All Factors

When deciding which coverage option to choose, take into consideration your budget, risks, and financial assets, and pick the highest coverage you can afford. This will help you to reduce the risk of having to pay for the costs that are over your budget in case something happens. 

Choosing the right coverage might be a difficult task to do. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc located in Pismo Beach, CA is the company of professionals who can make it easier for you. Give us a call today to get all the information about car insurance and discuss the available options. We are here to guide you to a policy you need. 

Benefits of California Motorcycle Insurance

The state of California is well known for its amazing weather, great scenery, and plenty of recreational activity options. When you are living in this state, a great mode of transportation to consider getting is a motorcycle. Not only is this a fun mode of transportation, but it will allow you to enjoy the nice weather. When you are looking to get a motorcycle in the Pismo Beach, CA area, you need to make sure that you get a quality motorcycle insurance policy. There are several benefits that come when you get this type of coverage.

Provides Coverage for Liability

One of the advantages of getting a motorcycle insurance policy is that it will provide you with coverage for liability. Whenever you take a motorcycle out, you are running the risk that you could be in an accident. If it is determined that you are at fault for the accident, you may be required to pay for all damages. Fortunately, your motorcycle insurance policy will give you coverage for this.

Covers Your Asset

Another advantage of a motorcycle insurance policy is that it will give you coverage for your valuable asset. A motorcycle can be a very expensive asset to purchase and losing it to either theft or damage could be devastating. Once you have coverage in place for your motorcycle, you are going to receive protection for many situations that could result in a loss of your asset.

As you are shopping for motorcycle insurance, you should reach out to the team at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. The team at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc has helped people all over the Pismo Beach, CA area choose a quality motorcycle insurance policy. This will ensure you and your prized asset are properly covered. 

Common Misconceptions about Renter’s Insurance

Misconceptions about renter’s insurance can be confusing to new renters, making them hesitant about purchasing this coverage. If you’ve recently rented home, condo or apartment in Pismo Beach, CA, talk to Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc about the coverage that renter’s insurance has to offer. We’ll separate fact from fiction so you can get the protection you need. Here are some common misconceptions about renter’s policies.

Renter’s Insurance is Costly

Renter’s insurance is quite affordable, making it easy for almost anyone to purchase the policy they need. Taking into account the protection it provides, renter’s insurance is worth the cost.

Your Stuff Isn’t Valuable Enough for Insurance Coverage

Renter’s insurance protects your goods against damage or loss if they’re stolen or destroyed in a disaster. Even if your goods aren’t extremely costly, their collective value is enough to warrant insurance protection. If your rental home catches fire and you lose everything you own, renter’s insurance will compensate you for your loss, enabling you to replace those items you need most.  

Your Landlord’s Insurance Covers Your Goods

Your landlord’s insurance covers his home, condo, or apartment in Pismo Beach, CA, not your belongings. With renter’s insurance, however, you can safeguard your valuables against a number of perils that can threaten your abode. Renter’s insurance also protects you against accidents people may have when visiting your rental home.

Your Roommate is Insured so You Don’t Need Coverage  

Your roommate’s policy protects his goods, not yours. If you want renter’s insurance protection, you need to purchase your own policy. The good news is that you can customize your policy to suit your personal needs so you don’t pay for unnecessary coverage.

For more information about renter’s insurance policies and costs, call or visit Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc today.

3 Ways Condo Insurance Can Protect You

Like any other home, your Pismo Beach, CA condo is a valuable investment that needs insurance coverage to protect it from harm. Condo insurance offers dwelling, personal property, liability coverage, and more. At Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, we’ll calculate the value of your condo and personal goods, assess your risks, and customize a condo policy to provide just the protection you need. Here are just a few ways condo insurance can protect you.

Building Property Coverage

Building property insurance covers the interior of your unit to include walls, flooring, cabinets, bath fixtures, tiling, etc. against perils that can damage your structure or lead to its total loss. These perils may range from fire to lightning strikes, storm damage, wind damage, water damage from leaky pipes, and other catastrophes. You choose the amount and scope of coverage you want according to the value of your unit and your budget.  

Personal Property Coverage

Condo property insurance covers your belongings. If any of your goods are stolen or damaged in a covered peril, property coverage will help cover its repair or replacement cost, as per the limits of your policy. The property protected under this coverage can be personal like your clothing, jewelry, shoes, or part of your home such as furniture, electronics, artwork, etc.

Liability Coverage

Condo insurance in Pismo Beach, CA also protects you against accidental injuries that may occur when neighbors, friends, or relatives visit your property. Liability coverage pays for the medical expenses of those who are injured so you don’t have to use your personal funds to cover these costs. If an accident leads to a lawsuit, liability insurance covers your legal costs, up to the limits on your policy. 

To purchase a condo policy for your Pismo Beach, CA home, call or visit us at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. at your earliest convenience.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Personal Belongings?

Floods can happen just about anywhere in the country, which is why it is wise to have flood insurance protection in place. Even if the chance of flooding is minimal, there is that coverage in place to help recover if the unexpected does occur. One of the most important benefits is that flood insurance covers your personal belongings too.

Flood Insurance Protection

Flood insurance is a government program that is designed to help prevent losses to homes and personal property as a result of flooding. This flooding can occur at the coastline, or even inland near a body of water. The best way to gauge the need for flood insurance is to ask the real estate agent about any flooding events within the last century and also consult with a local insurance agency. They can provide details about the risk and the need for flood insurance coverage. They will also help outline current needs and assess the personal property inside of the home.

Getting The Right Coverage

It is imperative to get the right amount of coverage when shopping for flood insurance. Make sure to document all of the personal belonging inside the home and then have your insurance agent assist with finding a policy that fits your needs. They can also explain the terms and conditions associated with the policy to help you feel more confident about your purchase. The agents at  Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc are proud to assist the residents of Pismo Beach, CA with all of their flood insurance needs. 

Anyone who is currently shopping for flood insurance should call or stop by Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc to speak with a knowledgeable agent who can provide answers to questions and offer comprehensive insurance solutions for residents around the Pismo Beach, CA area.

Facts You Need to Know About Classic Car Insurance

You’ve searched throughout Pismo Beach, CA for the ideal classic car and now finally gotten that classic car that you’ve been dreaming about; you’ll need to insure it. Classic car insurance is thought to be a non-standard form of automobile coverage that is used to meet the insurance needs of classic car collectors. Since it is a type of specialized coverage, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you can cover your classic car. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc has put together some facts you need to know about classic car insurance.

Vehicle Categories and Age

In order for a vehicle to be qualified for classic car insurance, it must fall into one of three categories:

  • Veteran, which are cars that were manufactured on or before December of 1904
  • Edwardian, which are vehicles manufactured between January 1905 and December 1918
  • Limited, which are rare, limited editions or special interest vehicles; there were several vehicles manufactured in the 1970s, but not all vehicles that were built before 1974 are considered classic cars. For instance, foreign sports cars, convertibles, cars that have a big block V8 engine are considered classic.

In the majority of states, a vehicle should be a minimum of 15 years old before it is considered to be a classic car and qualify for classic car insurance. Some states require the vehicle to be 25 years of age in order to be classified as a classic; however, there are many auto insurance providers that may work with you to provide classic car insurance for vehicles less than 15 years of age. The best thing to do is to talk with your insurance provider to determine if your car meets the qualifications for a classic car.

Storage Requirements

Many classic car insurance providers also require specific storage requirements for classic cars. It’s important to speak with your insurance provider for specifics, but in most situations, you’ll need to make sure the car isn’t parked outside and that it is stored in a secure garage or storage facility that is designed for storing classic cars.

In order for a classic car to be qualified for classic car insurance coverage, it must not be your primary vehicle. Even if your car is considered to be rare, in most situations, it will not be eligible for classic car coverage if you drive it every day. Only classic cars that are driven on a limited basis are generally eligible for classic car coverage and many insurance providers have strict restrictions on the number of miles it can be driven annually.

Residents of Pismo Beach, CA interested in learning more about insuring their classic car should contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc.

Is Commercial Property Insurance Required?

Commercial property insurance provides protection against loss and damage to buildings, tools, equipment, inventory, and more. While commercial property insurance is not required by law, if you lease or own a business property in Pismo Beach, CA, you should consider obtaining it.

For renters, the property owner may require that you carry commercial property insurance to lease the property. Failure to carry the insurance may result in the landlord voiding the lease. Be sure to check on requirements before signing any lease contracts.

If you own your own commercial property in Pismo Beach, CA, commercial insurance can be very beneficial for you. Running a business is costly enough. Having to repair or replace the property or belongings inside it out of your own bank account is not something any business owner wants.

Commercial property insurance provides coverage for losses or damages due to events such as vandalism, theft, fire and wind, and other natural disasters. You can add additional coverage for flood damages, personal property at the business, computer-related losses in case of virus attacks and such, and business interruption coverage should your business be closed due to a covered event.

The type and amount of coverage you need will depend on the specifics of your business, the property, and the equipment involved. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc can analyze your business needs and help you determine the specific coverage you need. We will work with you to find the right protection for your business.

Stop by or give us a call today at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc to learn more about commercial property insurance and to get your free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why you need home insurance in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach, CA can be a great place for anyone to live. Due to the proximity to the ocean and warm weather, there are many great activities to enjoy. If you are a homeowner in this area of California, you need to carefully consider all of your insurance needs. There are many reasons why someone in this area needs to have home insurance.

Provides Necessary Protections

The main reason why someone in the Pismo Beach area needs to have home insurance is that it provides very valuable services and protections. A home is a major investment and if it is damaged or destroyed, the impact could be devastating. Further, those that own a home are often taking on more liability risk than they realize. Fortunately, when you invest in a home insurance policy, you can receive coverage for both of these risks. 


Beyond giving you good protection, it is also often a requirement for someone to have home insurance. Anyone that either has a mortgage or lives in a home association will undoubtedly be required to carry home insurance. When you have home insurance, the lender’s collateral will be protected and the home association will know that you can handle a liability claim or pay to rebuild your home if there is damage. 

There is no doubt that anyone that owns a home in the Pismo Beach, CA area should get home insurance. If you are looking for insurance in this area, you could find picking a policy is hard to do. Those that need support in getting into a good policy should call Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc can provide many different services to ensure that you and your home are properly protected. 

How Much Insurance is Required in California?

Every state requires that an automobile owner carry a minimum of liability insurance. However, each state has its own requirements on how much coverage liability insurance provides. If you live in Pismo Beach, CA, Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc is here to help you understand how much coverage you need. 

Minimum liability coverage in California consists of the following:

  • $15,000 for the death or injury of a person, up to $30,000 per accident
  • $5,000 for damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle or other property with your vehicle

It is illegal to drive in the state of California without minimum liability coverage. Driving without it can lead to costly fines, suspension of your license, or even getting your car impounded. These are all consequences that can not only affect your wallet now but also your driving record which can affect your insurance rates in the future.

You must also be offered $15,000 per person for bodily injury to an uninsured motorist, up to $30,000 per accident. This helps cover costs if the other party of the accident is not carrying their own insurance. It is not required for you to add it to your policy, but you must sign a waiver if you choose not to.

It is a coverage you should consider carefully as one never knows who is on the road or whether they have the necessary insurance. If you are in an accident in which the other motorist does not have insurance and your vehicle is damaged, uninsured motorist coverage can help get your vehicle repaired and back on the road.

We here at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc want to help Pismo Beach, CA residents get the coverage you need. Stop by or give us a call today for your no-obligation quote!