Why Independent Insurance Agents Matter

When you need insurance – be it home, auto, business or life, you can get it wherever you want. You can get it wherever is quickest. Right? Wrong. By doing this, you are costing yourself quality customer service, significant amount of money and adequate protection. Buying any type of insurance is not like heading to the grocery store to purchase a gallon of milk or a load of bread. Insurance is your home’s, car’s, business’s or family’s safety net. It is not a purchase that should be treated lightly.

Where to Purchase Insurance?

With all of that being said, should you go online and purchase your insurance? Unlikely. This is because you don’t receive any direction or assistance from a qualified insurance professional, so how do you know you’re making the best decision? If you go to a captive agent, then you aren’t going to be able to receive quotes so that you compare one quote to another to ensure you’re getting the best possible bang for your bank. This is because this particular type of agent sells insurance for a single company.

Where Do You Go Then?

Luckily, you get all of that and a whole lot more by selecting to do business with an independent insurance agent. These agents represent multiple insurance companies and perform research in order to ensure that you receive the best service, coverage and price.

In the end, independent insurance agents, like Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc, are strong, savvy and adaptable. We are willing to do what it takes to make you – their customer – happy because your happiness and satisfaction is the key to our success.