Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders enjoy a level of freedom that few get to experience. For new riders, however, the joy can be dulled by fear caused by lack of skill. The experts at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc want you to get the most out of your motorcycle rides. These tips for new drivers will keep everyone safe during motorcycle rides in the Pismo Beach, CA area.

  • Keep your machine in top-notch condition with regular maintenance. Check the tires, mirrors, and brakes before every ride. For tires, ensure the proper inflation and pressure before setting out on the road. If you aren’t sure what the right pressure is for your machine, check your owner’s manual. Look closely at the treads for signs of uneven wear, holes, or objects lodged between the treads. Take your bike to a mechanic at least once a year for a thorough check-up.
  • Always wear your helmet. California law requires it. Opt for long sleeves and pants as well. These will protect your skin in case of a slide-out. The leather is a strong protective fabric. Many manufacturers create pieces that are lightweight while still providing the necessary coverage. Gloves and sunglasses are also recommended to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Take a training class. In addition to general safety, a training class gives you a chance to practice while being coached by a seasoned rider. The tips and pointers they are able to provide are invaluable and can reduce your risk of accident on-the-road. Check with your local DMV for information on classes in your area.
  • Don’t be afraid to look around. New drivers often focus too much on their own actions. Take the time to visually sweep your surroundings for potential problems. Constant vigilance gives you time to react.

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