Protecting your home from floods

Have you ever experienced flooding? If you have, you know how devastating it can be. Floods can affect anyone, both high-income earners or low-income earners. The damage caused by floods can be very prevalent and costly, and that is why it is vital to protect your home and loved ones from the effects of this nightmare.

If you live in Pismo Beach, CA, you know that floods are widespread in the US and that no state is safe. Therefore, you need to take measures of what you can do if floods ever strike your state later on your home. It is advisable that you safeguard your electrical appliances, modify your water valves and opt for the main retrofit among more. But is that enough?

Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. provides you with a solution to protect your home from floods and to help you stay stress-free. We offer you a flood insurance policy to cover your home and loved ones in case of damages caused by floods.  We recommend that you take this plan even if your home is not likely to be affected by floods, just as a precaution. Your home is of great value. You do not want to lose it just because you did not take a precaution.

We offer you different coverage options which are approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Some of them include:

Building Coverage

Through this policy, your home’s physical structure is protected from floods. However, the land on which your house is built is not covered.

Contents Coverage

As established earlier, Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. appreciates the value of your home. It is where you keep all your belongings be it clothes, shoes, electronics, carpeting, furniture and art among more. Therefore, this policy is to ensure that all your property is recovered if floods were to take place.

Replacement Cost Coverage

There are times when your home gets damaged, and you are required to replace it, we offer you this replacement cost coverage but with a condition. Your house has to be that of a single family or a primary residence.

Pismo Beach, CA is a fantastic place to live. Please make a point to protect your home from floods by contacting us through our website or visiting our offices.