Keep Your Car Running In Pismo Beach For Longer

When you are in Pismo Beach, California, you likely drive a car. You want your car to last as long as possible, and there are various ways for you to extend its life by following a few basic tips. By understanding more about your car, you may be able to extend the life considerably.

Our goal at Neff & Associates is to ensure that you have everything you need in order to be safe on the road. This includes not only auto insurance, but ways to keep your car running. There is no need to spend more than what is absolutely necessary, and this includes auto repairs.

Removing junk out of your trunk can be one of the best ways to ensure your car runs smoothly. Added weight in the trunk can cause problems with the balance, alignment, and more. If there are things that don’t need to be in your trunk, take them out.

Check the pressure on your tires on a weekly basis. Approximately 36% of cars on the road are driving around with a lower than recommended psi. The recommended psi is found on your driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual. Ensure the tire pressure is proper so that you can get the best fuel efficiency and avoid flat tires.

You should also avoid running your A/C too much. Your A/C is powered by your engine, and if you are using it for extended periods of time, you are putting a considerable amount of strain on your engine. On cooler days, drive with the windows open, or park your car in the shade so that you don’t have to use your air conditioning at full blast.

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