Is Your Condo Guest Ready for the Holidays?

If you’re planning holiday events or receiving house guests this Thanksgiving or Christmas, now would be a good time to prepare your condo for the occasion. These ideas from Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc. in Pismo Beach, CA can help you get started.

Declutter Living Areas

Clear out the clutter in your entryway and living room to create a more comfortable, relaxing environment for your festivities. This includes old newspapers, magazines, books, sports equipment, winter boots and anything else that makes your condo look cramped and messy. Store items that you want to keep and get rid of junk.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Wash curtains, dust furniture, clean windows, and floors. If needed, touch up walls with a fresh coat of paint for the holidays. Clean the kitchen to include cupboards, counters, refrigerator, and oven so you can cook in a clean, inspiring setting. Deep clean your bathrooms and stock up on bathroom supplies like toilet paper, paper towels and toiletries. Place holiday scented candles on the windowsill for a special touch.

Decorate Your Condo

Spread holiday cheer by putting up a tree and decorations to match. Holiday decorations help create a festive, welcoming environment for family and friends visiting for the holidays.  

Prepare Guest Bedroom

Air out the room to ensure it smells fresh. Make room in your closet for guest clothing and bags. Wash sheets, blankets and towels ahead of time, so they’re ready when guests arrive. Place a bowl of holiday snacks on the nightstand for guests to snack on. Make sure guests have good lighting to read during their stay.

Update Condo Insurance

Be prepared for unexpected accidents or calamities by updating your condo insurance. To learn more about condo insurance coverage and costs, contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc in Pismo Beach, CA.