How Errors and Omissions Can Save Printing Companies

Whether in life or in business, mistakes can happen.  While mistakes in your personal life may cause embarrassment, errors in business can result in a significant cost to the company. Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc in Pismo Beach, CA understand the importance of protecting your business against these mistakes.  

In the printing industry, everyday company functions such as proofing can lead to errors that may result in costly expenses.  That is why every printing company, no matter the size, should have errors and omissions coverage in their commercial policy.  

What Is Errors and Omissions Cover?

E&O coverage, also referred to as professional liability coverage, provides for legal expenses that have resulted from a negligent act or an error in the print process. The coverage will aid in the reprinting or reproduction of the piece as well as any legal expenses or settlements that may occur from a lawsuit associated with the error.  Printing errors are often found in one of the following areas of the print process.

  • Copy Errors
  • Color Problems
  • Assembly Issues
  • Problems With Distribution

How Can Errors and Omission Coverage Protect Your Printing Company?

E&O coverage can protect your printing company against:

  • Legal Costs – Whether your business is responsible for the error or not, you will incur attorney and legal fees if the customer decides that the error has damaged them or their company and are trying to seek damages.
  • Loss  Due to Reprint – If you are required to reprint the piece, your E&O coverage will provide you with the funds to pay for the replacement of materials as well as the labor costs to rerun it.

While large print runs are important to printing business large and small, the expense of replacing a misprinted piece can sometimes cost the company more than they can cover.  Errors and Omission coverage can protect you against these expenses as well as any costly legal expenses that you may incur.

If you are interested in finding out how E&O coverage can protect your company or would like a commercial business policy quote, contact an experienced agent at Neff & Associates Insurance Services Inc in Pismo Beach, CA today.