Better Safe Than Sorry

A disaster isn’t going to avoid you just because you’re not ready. That’s why it’s best to prepare in advance even if a severe weather event isn’t expected in your area. Truly when it comes to disasters, it’s better to be safe than sorry, even if it does inconvenience you for space in your home. 

1. Lighting 

At any point in time, your electric may go out from a storm or from somebody running into a pole with their vehicle. It may even be from an issue with your circuit breaker. You don’t want to be searching around in the dark for a flashlight or candle that doesn’t have a designated spot. For this reason, you should have a flashlight or battery-operated lantern in a specific spot where you’ll know where it is in case of a total power failure. Have a pack or two of batteries on hand beside the flashlights. You may want to place a battery operated light in every area of your house where you or a family member will more than likely go to during a power failure. 

2. First Aid Kit

You should always have a first aid kit in your home that has the necessary medical supplies for burns, cuts, skin tears and stings. You can opt to create your own by purchasing the essentials like baking soda, band aids, gauze, alcohol prep pads and antibiotic ointment. You could also opt to purchase a premade kit that doesn’t require you to find a variety of healthcare items when one with the same items is available for you to purchase without hassle. 

3. Food and Water

You should have a supply of food and water that gets you through at least three days. All food items should be non-perishable.

Be safe rather than sorry by having insurance in case of a disaster. Contact Neff & Associates Insurance Services today.