BBQ In California While Being Safe Around Your Home

If you are going to BBQ at your home in Pismo Beach, it is important to be safe at all times. Your grill is going to be located just outside your home, and if precautions aren’t taken, the smoke and flames that are at your grill could easily affect your home in a negative way.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a charcoal or a gas grill. There are going to be flames periodically, and you want to keep these away from your house. Otherwise, a small fire at your grill could easily take over your entire home. Keep the grill at least 20 feet away and you will reduce any risk of incident.

Gas and charcoal grills alike need to be constantly attended to while in use. You always want to be at the grill, and having a fire extinguisher nearby is a good idea as well.

Clean the grill sufficiently before you turn on the heat. If you have any kind of grease on the burners, it can cause a flare-up and the flames could get higher than you anticipate. It’s also a good idea to empty the grease trap at the bottom periodically so that you don’t encounter additional smoke.

Keep small children away from the grill as well as anything that may be flammable.

Before you put your grill away for the day, be sure that you clean it. It needs to be cool before you clean, such as allowing the briquettes to cool down before you dispose of them. If you cook with gas, turn the gas about to the off position, and don’t cover the grill until everything is completely cool.

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